Infrared Light Therapy

Infrared Light Therapy

The Unexpected Gift of an Illness

How a Naples Resident Found a New Career

Dona Parker

Overexposure to mold brought Dona Parker a double-edged sword. It would be a gift that left her with the unfavorable consequence of serious health issues in addition to the favorable consequence of a career change and a new business using Infrared Light Therapy at her business, the Tree of Light Whole Body Rejuvenation Center, in Naples.

“Several years ago my husband and I bid on a house which was being sold through an Internal Revenue Service auction. The cute house in a great Estero neighborhood had been empty for four years and was full of mold. Unfortunately, we didn’t know that until we had access to the house, which didn’t happen until 180 days after the sale. The experience, which is like the outcome of the reality Storage Wars TV show, where the winning bid gets the contents. We got the house and everything that was in it and on the property. The house was full of furniture and a huge collection of American Indian art. The garage even came with a Hummer,” she shares.

However, there was a huge downside. “The bad news is that everything had mold on it. As a result, while we were gutting the house, my lungs felt like they were on fire. Recovering from overexpose meant that I had to use an inhaler for a year to help me breathe,” says Parker.

Healing Journey

Knowing that she needed to detox, Parker began researching what she could do to improve her health without taking pharmaceuticals. She stumbled on to photobiomodulation therapy that has been used for many years for; sports injuries, arthritic joints, neuropathic pain syndrome, as well as back and neck pain. Many of the more than 700 randomized clinical trials published on photobiomodulation convinced Parker to try Infrared Light Therapy.

The positive effect that the non-invasive, relaxing therapy had on her recovery process convinced her that buying an ARRC LED chamber (like the one she had traveled to use) would be a wise business opportunity. “After being in interior design for more than 20 years, I sensed that I was needing a change. Since there were none of these chambers in the area, I felt it would be good business decision to buy one and start a business that also included the healing properties of an infrared sauna, which I had also used to help detox,” advises Parker.

The ARRC LED Chamber gives a full-body photon cleanse. It improves the quality and volume of circulation in the body, increasing nutrient transfer to the cells and detoxifying the cells of wastes and free radicals. This can help reduce inflammation which is the leading cause of most mortal diseases. It also increases biogenesis of the cell’s mitochondria and improves the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) to slow the aging process.

“There are other valuable health benefits of Infrared Light Therapy, as well, as a lovely little perk. The LED light in photobiomodulation can improve the thickness and elasticity of the skin cells, reducing wrinkles and cell damage. It encourages the body to build collagen, which means it’s a great anti-aging treatment,” enthuses Parker.