I have found that (3) sessions per week of whole body red and infrared light therapy has been very helpful for my workouts. Helping me ramp them up to a new higher level and recovery faster as well.

Bill F.

16 Years ago I was involved in a serious motorcycle accident, whereby I dislocated my left arm from my shoulder, and broke my foot in two places. In my arm I have a long piece of Titanium and 5 large screws to attach my arm to my shoulder.

Now I have arthritis, in my neck and shoulder, for which I have been searching for relief without the use of drugs, and now I have found it. Through a series of red light therapy and the infrared sauna treatments. I started going 3 times a week for 2 weeks, and now I have reduced to twice a week.

I have experienced a great deal of relief and hope others will feel the same.

Bob D.

I bought a package of light therapy treatments and have been going pretty regularly over the last two months. I can say that my energy level improved and I experienced reduced pain in my lower back and shoulder—both areas that have bothered me regularly. My performance in both golf and tennis seemed to be enhanced as well. I found the owner to be extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and cooperative. The facility is in tip-top shape and provides a good atmosphere for relaxation. Overall I had a very good experience at the Tree of Light.


We Loved your place!!!
I found it soothing and comforting, thank you for your kindness. I came into your place with a positive attitude and I feel things will get better for me.
Thank you so much!!!


Dona is very knowledgeable and helped me overcome my anxiety about trying something new. I enjoyed my first three treatments and intend to continue.. I have listened to a number of videos on her website about photobiomodulation therapy and the science of it is very convincing.


Quality, customer service, environment, wait time. More importantly, felt better following the treatment!


I found Tree of Light and am so glad I did. I went to their website and read the material and found that a lot of research has been going on regarding this type of therapy. I went to check it out and was impressed as soon as I walked in the door. Calming, very clean and private. Dona will answer all questions and makes you feel comfortable. I have completed multiple sessions and will continue. I have muscle pain and arthritis and I feel better afterwards. For me a much better alternative than more drugs!


My Nutritionist recommended that I detox using an infrared sauna to rid my body of toxic buildup from Chemo treatments. I was very pleased by how informative and pleasant Dona the owner was. She provides towels, water, magazines and music in the private saunas. The place is immaculate, when you are done with the sauna it is recommended that you shower. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel along with filtered shower heads so your not putting toxins back into your body..

You have the flexibility of scheduling of making and changing appointments on line.

I know its working because the first day when I detoxed I was nauseous and chilly so it was definitely cleaning my lymphatic system. After each session your skin feels so clean, I highly recommend you try it!

Sonia L.