Revitalize the body naturally with sessions in our Medical Grade Infrared Sauna!

Frequent use of the sauna has been found to reduce chronic health problems and lower mortality risk!

Taking a sauna four or more times a week has been shown to reduce:

• Risk of death from heart disease by 50%

• High blood pressure by 47%

• Dementia by 66%

• Respiratory diseases

• Pneumonia by 41%

• Lower your stroke risk by 12% and daily sauna use can reduce your risk by as much as 62%

As the heat is able to penetrate deeper into your tissues, medical grade infrared saunas promote detoxification.

They also have additional benefits as the infrared interacts with light-absorbing molecules in your mitochondria, again making your cells healthier.


Heat stress is also an important way of optimizing heat proteins inside your cells that trigger mitochondrial biogenesis, thereby supporting your overall health, especially cardiovascular, cardiac and brain health.

Our saunas are made from hypoallergenic hemlock and they are virtually Free of EMFs.

 The Many Health Benefits of Medical Grade Infrared Saunas


• Brain function
• Boost your mood
• Improve fitness and athletic performance by increasing endurance, in part by boosting nitric oxide
• Protect your heart
• Flush toxins out of your body
• Raise your immune function
• Reduce pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia as well as headache pain
• Kill disease-causing microbes
• Lower inflammation and reduce oxidative stress
• Improve respiratory function